How we operate…

  • We’re incredibly thorough – we really do want to know everything about you: your experiences, successes, failures, what you like, what you dislike. And then we’ll match you with the perfect job
  • When we speak to you, its in absolute confidence – of course we would love the opportunity to be involved in your next move but if you only want an exploratory conversation then we are happy to help.
  • We will present you with a list of companies we consider suitable in terms of culture, location, package and opportunity – from large, multinational recruitment organisations to smaller, more boutique operations – always ensuring that you are given a variety of options to consider.
  • With your agreement, we will then present your details to the clients you have selected.
  • Meetings will be arranged with clients at your convenience and we will make every attempt to guide you successfully through the interview process, negotiating the best possible package for you at offer stage.